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2 things......... [Dec. 5th, 2004|12:16 am]

[mood |embarrassedyes, well]

i like Michael Holle.

to those coming to the show tomorrow...i'm sorry
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About people... [Dec. 2nd, 2004|08:46 am]

[mood |enthralled]

Ian's post inspired me to give some background information that I am sure the people that I am sharing it with won't mind. Just to let you know how cool these people are.

Christy- I have know Christy since high school. Her mother is a really sweet lady who taught her children all ASL and had them memorize scripture in that language. She was also on a improve team with me along with Stephen Garcia and Kelly Nelson and some of you have heard me speak of Andrew Burkhum. We became good friends on this team and she has been a loyal friend ever since. Even when our ways spilt off she has keep in touch. When I asked her to be in Godspell last minute she jumped at the chance.

Holle- (His story is really cool) He was dating my friend Kelly, and they were both in a show with me at Disneyland. This happened to be during Godspell, I invited my whole cast to come. At this point he was thinking about Christianity. Before I went of to opening night, I asked Kelly and Holle to come pray with me. His prayer brought me to tears long with Kelly. That was the first time I had heard him pray. Then later that week, they came to Godspell and Holle came forward at the end of the show. I was jumping up and down back stage! Holle came to A1Naz when Rick gave his first sermon, it just happened to be the Sunday before auditions. I told him about it and the rest is history.

Sarah- She has been a friend since jr high. Growing up I looked up to her best friend Jennifer, but never really got to know Sarah. I remember having really good conversations with her and that we had a lot in common but for some reason I never became close to her through school. Later when Masquer was first formed it was put on my heart to ask Sarah and her brother Stephen into Masquer. I told them all about it at a gradation and they both were excited about it but due to scheduling neither of them could be involved. When Godspell came up and we needed an extra girl I went to Sarah again. Her schedule was a bit better in the summer and she agreed. Now all of her family wants to be involved! By the way pray for Sarah's Parents they both physically aren't doing so well.

Stephany- I meet her through Disney. She had joined a bible study group that a couple of girls had decided to form which is still going on to this day. She generously offered her home as a place where we can have our meetings and her mother would make us food and they have just been always so generous. Due to some of the girl’s drives we changed locations. Stephany after pretty much losing her job at Disney pushed herself in the the LA seen to become a model. I have never seen so much perseverance and willingness to follow God hand into what might seem to be a scary jump. She still does the occasional shoot every once and a while. When we were having auditions for Masquer to start our new year Rick urged her to join. I am so glad he did. She wasn't able to audition for us when we had a large group however she came an extra time. The rest is history as well.

Rick- (another pretty cool story) Rick was the first person I meet at Disney. He was at my audition and lead warm-ups. We did kicks and ...stuff. Surprised? I noticed him around working there and thinking he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Then I went to University Praise and saw him there. Knowing he was Christian now I wanted to introduce myself. I didn't get that opportunity till he started dating Step. A while after he started up the men’s' and women's bible studies at Disney. Making sure they always meet and what not. We all knew then he was going to be a pastor, though he might have not gotten the call yet. When I was injured at Disney I found myself with days just sitting around so Rick took me under his wing and gave me things to do, prayed with me and really keep me going. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have made it through that time. He quite not long after that and went into seminary and took a job as a youth pastor at AINaz. Before I had called him to be apart of Masquer but because of the amount of school he had he couldn't join. One day out of the blue he calls me and asks if I wanted to start or bring a drama ministry into his church. It had a huge stage that was not being used and a lot of potential. We quickly booked Traveling Light into that church and I quickly became a member of the church and it's been apart of Masquer history that will not soon be forgotten.

What's your back story? How did you become involved in Masquer?
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& then, after rehearsal..... [Dec. 2nd, 2004|04:07 am]

[mood |sleepyso sleepy, zzzzzz]

Michael Holle is a really neet person.
i just wanted to share.
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Christmas Party!!! [Nov. 18th, 2004|08:22 am]

[mood |sillysilly]

Hey we are having a christmas paty for us!
Who: Masquer Ministries
When: Dec 11 @ tba
Where: Jenn's house, call or email for address
Why: so we see each other again!
Bring: A present for a girl/guy which ever you are, under $20
if your name starts with a _you bring _
A-F- chips, dip, something like that
G-M- drinks
N-S- desserts
T-Z- veggie trays or fruit trays ect.
I will profide samiches :)
Also a song or carol or silly jig

I will ask Clayton to bring Godspell so we can all watch it together
See you Here, Then...yes
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because i suck....... [Nov. 10th, 2004|12:16 am]

i'm so sorry that this is late, but my love & regards are allways there.
i hope it was a wonderful day & mostly that it will be a wonderful year.
God bless you & give you all of your hearts desires.

love ian ;)
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Sunday Halloween [Oct. 26th, 2004|02:56 pm]

[mood |chipperchipper]

Ok here is all the info for sunday
We need to be at the church at 9am for a sound check and run through
The numbers we are doing are "All Good Gifts" and Bless the Lord"
We ARE doing choreography for Bless the Lord...despite the rumors!
Come in, Dress shirit of any color, blue jeans and tennies shoes
Breakfast and birthday cake will be provided ....(it's the churchs 80th birthday, hence the birthday cake)
I was planning on going home an unpacking more, you all are more than welcome to come over, it's 10 minutes away from the church. Pizza will be provided. For those who are tired we will have our living room up so you can veg if need be.
Ian wants to hang out with us halloween style so bring your costumes and we wil be carpooling over into his neck of the woods and going out and being silly. John, Meg or Will or all of you- look for carnival places around your area and call me with the info
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2004|11:00 pm]

[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

hi kids,

we sing sunday october 31st. i believ it is at 10 am
we are singing, all god gifts, & bless the Lord
costumes not necessary but we should look uniform.
blue jeans & dress shirt seemed to work, but if you have another idea please let me know asap.
i know that some of you/us have coloured hair, this is NOT a problem.
please let others know as a few e-mails have been returned.
i have rehearsal in torrance that day from 3-630, but after that the hanging out will happen.
please cann Jenn at her home # to find out more.
please keep her in prayer also as she moves this week & is going through health stuff still.

what else.....oh yeah, i miss you all.
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2004|11:12 pm]

the pics that Mary-Lou took are amazing!
i'm going through the ones that i for sure want on the web site.
see ya all on friday, rest well, & stay well.
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Masquer Update [Oct. 11th, 2004|08:40 am]

[mood |sleepynot quite awake]

Wow, that is all I can say, just WOW! God has done some high class miracles putting this show together! I am blown away every performance! God just keeps on blessing His children. Our Artistic Director, Ian S. Talbot quoted this week, "God is never early but He is never late!" That has been our quote for this show to a tea!
Really if you haven't seen it yet you really need to! Not just because I am in it and I choreographed it, but because I know that change your walk with God in some shape or form.
You have one more weekend to come see this! Please come and enjoy Gods blessings!
at Anaheim First Church of the Nazarene
1340 Candlewood St
Anaheim Ca 92805
on October 15,16,17
at 7:00pm
See you at the theater!
God Bless,
Jennifer Wright
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2004|01:46 am]

[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

Um, guys?

You know how I put a burrito in my lunchbox tonight? Well, I kinda forgot to take it out afterward. Is there some way to make sure it is disposed of before next friday night? I could even do it myself tomorrow, but I doubt anyone would be there, and I don't want to call down the church staff on account of a half-eaten burrito.
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